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Our ambition is to create linen products of the highest quality, designed to be used and loved for a long time to come. 

Bylinen was founded in 2019 by the mother and daughter duo Helena and Maria with a vision to create elegant and modern linen textiles for the home. The idea for Bylinen was born when Helena lived for a time in Riga, where there is a strong tradition of linen and linen weaving. “Personally, I have always loved linen, it stays nice year after year and feels more luxurious than terry cloth and other materials. As more and more people want to live sustainably and think about their consumption, I hope we can get more people to open their eyes to linen again, ”says Helena.

The collection is carefully developed with the aim of offering a sustainable range. News are therefore not seasonal but are instead produced based on the need to develop our range. Quality is important to us, which is why we produce all our products in European countries where there is a long and solid tradition in linen and linen production. For us, the proximity to the factories is also of great importance, mainly from an environmental point of view but also to be able to have a personal relationship and daily dialogue with those who sew our products.

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